Since 1979 Ohenry productions Inc. has been manufacturing heavy duty vinyl party tents for the party tent industry.  We specialize in the construction of frame tents, high peak tension tents and pole tents for use as revival tents, church tents and mission tents.

Now you can be an Ohenry Tent dealer!

Dealer protection
  • No cash investment!
  • Ohenry drop ships directly to your customer.
  • No inventory required!
  • You will have full access to the Ohenry "Dealers" page for prices, specifications & catalogs.
  • You need no literature!
  • Dealers may sell in any area.
  • Dealer retail prices are same as factory retail prices.
  • Warranty is backed by factory.
Requirements for consideration
Ohenry's product line includes
  • Must display Ohenry tents on website with pictures and prices and ability to purchase directly online
  • Agree to dealer contract terms
  • High Peak tension tents
  • Traditional Pole tents
  • Frame tents
  • Side walls & Cathedral Window side walls
  • Ratchet Straps
  • Stakes and other hardware
  • Stake pullers
So how does this all work exactly?
As an authorized Ohenry dealer, there are four basic benefits to you as a dealer.
  1. As a Dealer, you will be eligible for substantial discounts on any tents or accessories you purchase from Ohenry whether the purchase is for your own use, or for resale.
  2. When you have a customer who purchases an Ohenry product from your company, you will realize a profit based on the difference in price which your customer pays you for that product, and the price you pay Ohenry.
  3. You can set your own prices!

There is no obligation to purchase products, or create sales. Each Dealer may choose how much effort he or she desires to invest in sales.  There is a minimum annual quota of purchases in order to retain the Dealership, but each Dealer will be given special consideration for their situation in order to give them time to allow their Dealership’s sales volume to grow. 

We have worked hard perfecting the process, and creating the documents, literature and other resources which each dealer will need.  Our plan is to create a nationwide dealer network, with each dealer being provided with a simple “quick reference” notebook containing price & specs information, as well basic training to familiarize the sales people with our "Dealer's Notebook". 

We are not assigning exclusive areas to each dealer, or setting prices.  Each dealer can sell tents anywhere in the world they choose to sell to.  The object is to sell tents, period.  The dealer who works the hardest will sell the most tents.  It is a pretty basic principle!

More General Information

Our goal at Ohenry is to make the experience of performing as an authorized dealer as simple, and efficient as possible.

3 simple steps to becoming an authorized Ohenry Tent dealer!
  1. If you are excited about this opportunity, please sign & date the last page of the "Dealer Agreement" form and send it to us via scan, email or fax. By doing so you are not committing to buying any products, nor will you incur any costs.
  2. Contact Ohenry using the form below so we have your contact information.
  3. Next we will send you the files you need to install the Ohenry logo and ohenry backlinks file on your web site.

Contact us today! Please use the form below.

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If you are in the party rental or party tent rental business, you will find Ohenry is your best choice for a heavy duty tent which is designed specifically for the tent rental and party rental industry.  Ohenry tents are built to last many years, and best of all, our tents are in stock waiting for you.  You will never have to wait for your tent. We have all sizes of pole tents, frame tents, and high peak tents in stock, ready to go to work as party tents for you!
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