Party Tents installed on permanent flooring and concrete slabs.

Some of Ohenry Tent customers have purchased party tents to be installed for long term use as pavilions or other event tents. They have built concrete pads, and even wooden floors for these tent installations. If you have a need to do this, please study the pictures and information on this page carefully to insure a successful installation!

Notice how the concrete slab is LARGER than the tent. It SHOULD have been SMALLER than the tent. Making slab SMALLER than tent is done for drainage, and will be explained in detail further down the page.

This tent was installed over a custom built wood floor.


Things to remember...

  • Slab should be shorter and narrower than actual tent measurements so water will drain onto the ground, and not the slab. If the water drains onto the slab, it will return back into the tent. Normaly, the slab should be 2' narrower and 2-3' shorter than the tent. Contact our staff for recomendations on slab size.
  • Wooden floors should be sized the same as concrete slabs.
  • A tent is NOT a building, and some water usually ends up inside the tent because of ground slope, lace line dripping or wind blown rain.

The Why Ohenry? Video

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